Deluxe  Tactical laser tag Birthday

$270 includes:

  • 1.5 hours of professionally staffed gaming for up to 12 people at a time!
  • Field set up at your location!
  • T-shirt for the VIP!
  • Candy bags and Rhino (dog) tags for each guest! We now have all natural organic candy bags for $10 extra per party!
  • Personalized invitations emailed to you!
  • Certificates for each guest!
  • We even take about 100 pictures for you! 
Travel time rates:
Mileage is based from our headquarters in Ashland, OH

45-60 miles, $10
60-75 miles $15
75 or more, $.70 per mile for every mile over 40 miles
"We work hard to provide the best valued entertainment in Ohio."

A live gaming event

$220 includes:

  • The first 1.5 hours of professionally staffed gaming!
  • Field set up at your location!
  • All field props!
  • Only $25 for each additional half hour of gaming!
Archery Combat

$200 for 1.5 hours of Archery Combat

$50 extra to bring Archery Combat gear and split an event into laser tag/archery.

*Winds of 25 mph or more may prevent us from being able to set up some of our portable bunkers.

*Pictures may be limited during night missions. 
Add ons:
T-shirts, $10 each
Extra candy bag and tags, $4 each
2 way radios and headsets, $1.50 per radio


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