Please feel free to call, text, or email with any questions that you have.
Why choose Crash for my event?
Our professional staff is dedicated to excellent customer service.  The co-owners, Todd and Leann, have several years of professional experience which includes teaching, coaching, outdoor education, youth ministry, and recreation coordination.  We are passionate about making every event memorable  for everyone involved.   

Are the guns safe?
Absolutely!  There are no projectiles and they use infrared so it is harmless to your eyes.

How much space do you need to set up?
We recommend an area of at least 50ft x 100ft.  We have been able to modify games in smaller areas and have used over 20 acre playing areas.  We will modify the games to fit the location and terrain.

Is there an age limit?
No.  We recommend ages  7 and up, but we have had younger players participate.

Do you play in all kinds of weather?
We will continue to play in light rain or snow.  Moderate and heavy rains will force us to postpone or cancel the event.  Winds of 25 mph or more may keep us from being able to set up the portable bunkers.

Can you serve large groups?
Yes.  We work with the event host to work out how we rotate players in the game.  We have served groups of over 100 people.

What's with the Rhinos?
Good question.  We named the business after a group of Rhinos, a "crash".  A rhino is a fascinating animal.  They have horrible eyesight, yet they run over 30 mph, hence the name crash.  We figure that we would rather live life like a crash of rhinos than to tiptoe through life with fear.  Trust and go!  Whatever obstacle is in our way will move or get moved!
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